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Kite Craft for Preschool

It’s up, up, and away with this adorable kite craft for preschoolers!

Preschool Kite Craft for Kids -

One of our favorite things to do in spring (other than make crafts, of course!) is to fly kites. There’s just something magical about being able to make a kite float through the sky.

This year it’s been particularly windy, so we’re gearing up for a great kite flying season! This printable kite craft for preschool is a great way to get us in the spirit and decorate the room!


Printable Kite Craft 

Making this kite craft was super simple. It’s perfect for preschoolers – including toddlers if there’s adult supervision.

All you need to make it is a few things you probably already have on hand. The printable template makes it easy to get the kite form just right.

We used colored pencils to shade in the kite’s sections, but you could use markers or crayons as well. In fact, you could even use watercolors if you felt like painting!

While we did use glitter on the kite’s dots, you could try coloring them in a different color instead. There’s a lot of ways to make this kite craft something totally unique for your kiddos!

We attached a piece of simple crafting twine (it’s much softer than regular jute and we had some leftover from when we made homemade Christmas gift tags), but if you don’t have twine handy, just use a length of yarn or even ribbon.

The trickiest part of the whole craft was tying the small ribbon pieces to the kite’s tail. Your littles may need assistance tying it. Use caution that you don’t over-tighten it, because it will rip the piece right in half. 

Kite Craft for Preschoolers - a Printable Spring Craft for Preschool Kids -

How to Use the Kite Craft for Preschool Learning

Crafts are always so much fun to make, but they’re even better when you can combine them with a lesson. Here are some things you can use this easy kite craft with:

  • Make a kite craft when learning about wind and weather
  • Tie a key to the end of your kite when doing a lesson on Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity
  • Use the kites as part of a bulletin board labeled “Our Dreams are Taking Off!”
  • Create a kite when learning about the history of kites
  • and more!

No matter how or why you make your kite craft, your preschool kiddos are sure to love it! Let their imaginations soar!


Printable Directions for Making Your Kite Craft for Preschool

Yield: 1 Kite

Kite Craft for Preschool

Preschool Kite Craft for Kids -

It's up, up, and away with this adorable printable kite craft for kids!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


1.    Print the kite template out on cardstock.

2.    Color in the kite and the ribbon pieces.

3.    Put a dab of glue on each circle on the kite.

4.    Lightly sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Gently shake off excess.

5.    Allow to dry.

6.    Cut out kite and ribbon pieces.

7.    Cut a length of twine about 18-inches long.

8.    Tape one end of the twine to the back of the kite.

9.    Gently tie the ribbon pieces to the twine.

10. Enjoy!


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Show Us Your Kite Craft!

Did you make a kite craft? We’d love to see how it turned out! Snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @ThatKidsCraftSite! We can’t wait to celebrate your success!


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