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These free printables for kids are filled with printable craft pages, printable activity pages, and printable coloring pages. There are preschool printables, kids worksheets, tween printables, and printables for teens. Combined with a kids craft, these free printables make for amazing kids activities. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get the Freebies Library password emailed to you!

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Printable Fortune Teller: Back to School

Get to know your new classmates with this free printable fortune teller for back to school! Free Printable Fortune Teller I don’t know about you, but when I was in elementary and middle school fortune tellers were all the rage. Now that my daughter is in 6th grade, she assures me that fortune tellers are …

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Printable Play Money: Lucky Bucks

Create your own St. Patrick’s Day currency with Lucky Bucks – free printable play money! As a former teacher and homeschooling mom, I love working math into activities and crafts. This set of play printable money for St. Patrick’s Day is super cute and a great way to get kids working with currency. Play Printable …

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