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Fall Matching Game Printable

Celebrate fall and all of the beauty that goes along with it by playing with this fun Fall Matching Game printable!

Fall Memory Match Game for Kids -

Fall Activities for Kids

Fall is my favorite season. The weather has just enough chill to it to wear sweatshirts and sweaters, but it’s still bright and light enough that the sun looks amazing through the ever-changing tree leaves.

Although I love being outdoors when fall comes around, there are those rainy days when even puddle stomping just doesn’t sound appealing.

For those days? We break out the printable games!

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Fall activities like this printable Fall Memory Match game are perfect for when the weather isn’t cooperating and the kids need something quiet to calm them down.

Since it’s an educational game (memory work, fine motor skills, visual discrimination, etc.) you can mark the day off on your homeschool attendance sheet and count it toward a learning day too!

Printable Fall Memory Matching Game -

Memory Matching Games Build Preschool Skills

Preschool skills like fine motor coordination, recall and memory, object identification, and spatial relations are all honed while playing games like memory match.

This fall memory match game just has the added benefit of being a good fit for the season!

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So whether you’re playing at home for homeschool preschool or are teaching children in a classroom, this printable fall memory matching game is a great addition to any fall lesson.

How to Play the Fall Matching Game

To play the game, simply print out the pages and cut out the cards. If you’ll be using the game over and over again or with a classroom of students, I suggest laminating the cards.

Not only will laminating the cards protect them, but it will also make them stiffer and easier to turn over. Just watch for sharp corners!

Fall Memory Game for Kids  -

When you are ready to play, turn all of the cards face down on the table or floor.

Players take turns turning over the cards two at a time.

If a match is found, the player collects those cards and tries again.

If a match is not found, both cards get turned back over, and the next player goes.

The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins!

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Have fun playing!

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