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Goat Craft

Enjoy an exciting and easy paper goat craft for kids!

Goat Craft

Crafting is a fantastic way to engage children’s creativity and develop their fine motor skills. 

If you’re looking for a unique activity for your little ones, look no further!

Below we have a delightful paper goat craft that will capture the imaginations of young artists. 

This simple and enjoyable activity requires only a few materials.

And it can be completed with ease. 

So, let’s get ready to embark on an exciting journey of crafting and storytelling with your kids.

Goat Craft

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Making a Paper Goat

Making a paper goat is a wonderful activity for children to showcase their artistic abilities!

Materials for this Goat Craft

To create your own paper goat, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. FREE Goat Craft Printable (located in our Freebies Library)
  2. Kid-friendly scissors with rounded tips
  3. Glue stick or craft glue that dries clear and is safe for children
  4. Crayons or markers with vibrant color options
  5. Googly eyes to add a charming touch (optional)
  6. Construction paper in a variety of colors for decorating (optional)
Goat Craft

How to Craft a Goat

Follow these simple steps to create an adorable paper goat:

Step One

Begin by locating the goat craft printable in our Freebies Library

Print out as many as you would like.

Step Two

Using markers or crayons, color in all of the parts of the goat.  

Encourage children to experiment with different colors and designs.

They can even make patterns or shapes on the goat’s body. 

Step Three

Carefully cut out each part of the goat using kid-friendly scissors.

Step Four

Assemble the goat by gluing all of the pieces together. 

Step Five (optional)

For a silly goat, attach two googly eyes to the goat’s head.

Step Six (optional)

To make a unique goat, add accessories or clothing.

Use colored construction paper to cut different shapes or clothes.

Then, glue them onto the goat. 

Step Seven

Allow the glue to dry completely before displaying or playing with your paper goat craft!

Goat Craft

Learning with a Paper Craft

Now that the paper goat craft is complete, there are many more ways to engage your littles.

From inspiring imagination to hands-on learning, here are three entertaining activities to try:


Encourage your child to create a story involving their paper goat. 

They can act out scenes or even write a short tale featuring their craft.

Farm Animal Study

Use the paper goat as an opportunity to explore farm animals. 

Discuss the characteristics and behaviors of goats and other animals found on farms.

Group Activity

Organize a craft session with friends or family and create a whole herd of paper goats. 

Encourage collaborative play and storytelling for continued educational fun.

Goat Craft

Paper Goat Craft for Kids

Creating a paper goat craft is a delightful activity.

It promotes artistry and imaginative play for children.  

It’s not only an engaging activity for kids, but it also provides numerous educational benefits. 

Through this craft, children can explore their creativity and engage in hands-on learning. 

Additionally, this paper goat craft can open the door to other opportunities, if you choose.

It can lead to discussions about farm animals, creative storytelling, and even collaborative play. 

So, let’s get going and create an adorable paper goat craft for kids!

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