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Minecraft Father’s Day Card

With Father’s Day coming up just around the corner, your little ones will be prepared with an adorable Minecraft Card in hand!

Minecraft Father's Day Card Printable

Minecraft Father’s Day Card

Do your kids love Minecraft as much as my kids do? My kids spend hours on end playing Minecraft and having fun creating their own world. My husband spends almost just as much time as my kids do on devices playing Minecraft! Since it’s a multiplayer game, we have fun playing it as a family as well!

Since my entire family loves playing Minecraft, I came up with a free printable Minecraft Father’s Day card that will help all of your kiddos be prepared for Father’s Day! 

Free Printable Minecraft Father's Day Card for Kids

Free Printable Minecraft Card For Dad

When preparing for Father’s day it can get very stressful! This year though, is especially difficult for those in quarantine. To help you and your kids out, we created a DIY card for dad.

It is especially special because it’s Minecraft themed! The greatest part about it is that it is a free printable so there’s no need to take a trip to the store to pick out cards. 

When you print this card out, make sure to print double sided and on cardstock to ensure it is sturdy and prints correctly.

The double-sided option is usually in the print box preview before you hit print. It varies from printer to printer, so take the time to find out what works best for yours.

By taking simple steps to make it, you will have Father’s day cards figured out in no time! 

Free Minecraft Father's Day Card for Kids from That Kids' Craft Site

To Create A Minecraft Father’s Day Card You Will Need:

  • Our Free Minecraft Card Printable ——> Scroll Down to Get It In Our Freebies Library!
  • Scissors (optional) 
  • Cardstock 
  • Crayons or markers

DIY-ing Your Minecraft Father’s Day Card

Once you have gathered your items, you can begin making your card. If you have scissors and would like to give it a clean look (or to keep the kiddos occupied for longer), you can cut along the bold line on your pintable. Be sure not to cut the middle bold line because that is where we will fold. 

Once your card is cut out, fold the top of your paper down to meet the bottom. The bold line in the middle should be your guide for how much to fold. After your card is cut and folded, you can now embellish or decorate. 

If you want, you can add some fun flare to this card! Make it personal by adding drawings, embellishments, stickers or anything else you might want to add. 

Free Printable Minecraft Father's Day Card

You could also write a nice message inside the card for dad to read. Once you are happy with your design, sign it, and hide it until you’re ready to give it to dad for Father’s Day! 

If you want to occupy your little ones longer, let them get creative with decorating. Let their minds soar and have a little more time for yourself!

Show Us Your Father’s Day Cards!

If your kids decide to make their own Minecraft Father’s Day cards, snap a picture and show us how they turned out! You can tag us on Instagram @ThatKidsCraftSite! We would love to see your children’s creativity and dad’s smile!

Grab Your Copy of the Minecraft Father’s Day Card

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