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Easy Origami for Kids

Get ready to bend and fold with these easy origami for kids projects!


Easy Origami for Kids - Origami Patterns, Projects, and Crafts -


Easy Origami for Kids

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes and figures. Some origami patterns are exceptionally difficult and others are quite easy.

For kids just starting out on their origami journey, these origami patterns are a great place to begin.

Origami is especially good for older elementary students and tweens and teens. Younger elementary students might find it a bit too difficult to master without a lot of patience.


Easy Origami Crafts

Origami Heart Bookmark

Looking for a cute origami bookmark? Here you go! This origami heart bookmark is perfect for Valentine’s Day – or any day!


Origami Bear Corner Bookmark

These adorable bear bookmarks are perfect for marking the pages of your current favorite book! The step-by-step instructions and free templates are included.


Easy Origami Fish

Kids will have lots of fun folding this easy origami fish and coloring its stripes and details.


Dollar Bill Origami T-Shirt Father’s Day Card

What a fun and original idea for a father’s day gift! Any dad will love this reminder that he is loved and appreciated.


Origami Finger Puppets

Great book review to learn how to do origami with all ages!


Origami Cup Craft

Here is one origami craft your kids will never forget how to make! Use them to get water from the faucet.


Origami Paper Crowns

These cute paper crowns are simple everyday crafts that are easy to make and require no glue or scissors!


Origami Pinwheel Crafts

Origami pinwheels are simple to make and a great way to make some spring decorations while also using up old magazines or other papers lying around.


Simple Origami Craft

Try making these paper cookies – when they are finished, have a picnic and play the game of “Who took the cookie?”


Origami Windmill Craft

You can attach your windmill to a paper cup, pencil or gift tag with a pushpin or brass tack and it will really spin!


Origami Stars

This is a great and easy, step by step tutorial on how to fold origami stars, otherwise known as lucky stars, dream stars or wishing stars.


Origami Instructions

Instructions for making a couple of easy origami paper models specially chosen to introduce your children to this fine art.


Toilet Tissue Origami

These Origami crafts make a special finishing touch to your guest bathroom or main bathroom if you have guests coming over.


Easy Origami Frog

These cute little origami frogs are pretty easy to fold, so most upper elementary age kids will have no trouble with them.

Easy Origami for Kids - Origami Crafts for Tweens and Teens -

More Easy Origami for Kids Crafts

Easy Heart Origami

This is an easy origami craft to make with your kids before visiting a loved-one – you can easily include in a card or letter since it’s flat.


Origami School Bus

This cute origami craft is the perfect easy beginner’s origami project.


Origami Butterfly

These simple origami butterflies are so cute to make and hang around the house or from your child’s ceiling.


Easy Origami Bunny

Make a family of cute bunnies with this easy origami craft idea! Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.


Bunny Face Origami

Make this cute origami bunny face simply by printing out the pattern and folding it according to the lines.


Origami Heart

A great way to re-use magazine pages is by making these easy origami hearts.


Origami Petals Butterfly

This is one of the simplest examples of an origami project you can make — which makes it a perfect introduction to origami.


Baby Turtle Origami

Create a baby turtle origami project with these slightly advanced instructions.


Great First Folding Projects

Origami can help kids develop new skills, especially with these fun first origami projects.


Origami Crowns

Use an average of 6 sheets of origami paper to create these adorable easy origami crowns!


No matter which easy origami for kids crafts you make, have a blast! Remember, origami should be fun, not frustrating, so take your time and enjoy the process!


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