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Bear Origami Bookmark

Want to make an origami bookmark? Try these adorable bears! There’s a brown bear and a polar bear, plus a koala bear (even though he’s a marsupial, we couldn’t say no!). Give them a try!

Origami Bookmark with Bears from That Kids Craft Site

How to Make an Origami Bookmark

Let’s face it, when you’re reading a book, nothing makes you smile more than having a cute bookmark to mark your place. These origami bookmarks are relatively easy to make and you can personalize them in a whole bunch of different ways.

We decided to go with a bear theme for this set of bookmarks because we have been talking about hibernation in our homeschooling. Bears are perfect for any time of year, but they are especially timely during the cold winter months.

Learning how to make an origami bookmark can be tricky – especially this origami corner bookmark, but if you follow the picture steps below it will make it a lot easier. Don’t worry if you have to do it a couple of different times until you get it right. It’s okay not to be perfect!

Here are the step-by-step directions for how to make an origami corner bookmark in visual format:

How to Make an Origami Corner Bookmark from That Kids Craft Site

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Bear Origami Bookmarks

The thing that I love most about these bear bookmarks is that they rely on the origami corner bookmark base, but then the top can be customized however you like. In this case, we customized with bear faces!

You’ll need the printable templates for the bear faces.

You will also need some origami paper, colorful paper, glue, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and some markers.

Making a Bear Origami Bookmark

After you print out the template and make your corner bookmark base using the step-by-step directions above, you are ready to cut out your bear pieces.

We used decorative craft paper because it’s a bit thicker and holds up to use pretty nicely. If you only have construction paper though, that will work just fine. Use what you have!

Trace the shapes for the bears onto the paper and cut them out. Assemble the faces first and then glue them onto the corner bookmark. We made the mistake once of trying to assemble the faces on the bookmark and we ended up with a glued mess. Since then, we always assemble first and glue the complete creation onto the origami bookmark. It works a lot better!

After your origami bear bookmark is assembled and the glue is completely dry, he’s ready for use!

Bear Origami Bookmark Patterns from That Kids Craft Site

Here are Printable Directions with the Origami Bookmark Visual in case you’re making these on the go or where Internet access is not available:

Yield: 1

Origami Bear Bookmark

Origami Corner Bookmark Bear Pattern from That Kids Craft Site

Learn how to make an origami bookmark with this adorable origami bear corner bookmark pattern. It's easy and it's adorable!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost Less than $5


  • Colorful Craft Paper
  • Origami Paper
  • Paper Glue
  • Marker
  • Pencil
  • Templates


  • Scissors
  • Ruler


How to Make an Origami Corner Bookmark

  1. Take a piece of square origami paper (4X4inch). Place the paper diagonally in front of you.
  2. Fold the paper in half diagonally to create a triangular shape.
  3. Now take the middle point of the triangle and bring the top point to the triangle's long length.
  4. Now take the left point of the triangle and bring it towards the bottom edge.
  5. Next, bring the right point to the bottom as well.
  6. Now fold and tuck both points into the previous fold you created.

How to Make the Bear

  1. Cut out the pieces for the koala's face using the templates.
  2. First glue the eyes, nose and the blush of the koala on the face. Then glue the pink inner ear pieces on the ears.
  3. Then, glue the ears of the koala on the top sides of the head.
  4. Now use a white marker to draw the eyes pupils and use a thin marker pen to draw the panda’s mouth.
  5. Now glue the Koala to the bookmark. And it’s done!


How to Make an Origami Corner Bookmark

Origami Crafts for Kids

This origami corner bookmark craft is great for use at home on rainy or snowy days, but it’s also fun to make these in the classroom! Just remember to print out enough templates for everyone and make sure the glue is completely dry before using the completed craft. Not that we’ve ever gotten our book pages stuck in a corner bookmark that wasn’t quite dry oranything….no, never, not us. Ha!

Have a great time making your origami bookmarks and check out these other awesome Easy Origami Crafts for Kids!


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