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Quilling Seahorse Craft for Kids

Go under the sea with this adorable paper quilling seahorse craft for kids!

Quilling Seahorse Craft with Free Quilling Pattern -


Simple Quilling Seahorse Craft

We’re super excited about summer coming and the trips we have planned for the beach. Although we probably won’t see any seahorses, it doesn’t stop us from associating them with everything under the sea. That makes this simple quilling seahorse the perfect pre-beach trip papercraft!

If you’re driving to your beach destination you could also take your quilling supplies along with you and make your quilling seahorse at your beach house. I just wouldn’t try to take a quilling tool on a plane if I were you as it will probably end up with TSA! Maybe if you packed it in your luggage as opposed to carrying it on it would be okay? You never know!


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Paper Quilling Seahorse Craft for Tweens and Teens -

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What is Quilling?

Quilling is the art of rolling paper and then bending or smushing it (that’s not really the technical term, but that’s what you do!) to make shapes. It’s a great craft for tweens and teens, but may be a bit too intensive for younger kids. Little ones just might not have the patience to do it – I know mine wouldn’t have!

Since it can take a long time to make all of the shapes needed to complete a piece, it’s a good craft to do over the course of a weekend or while on vacation.

If you homeschool or are looking for a middle school art project for your students, quilling is a great option.


How to Make a Quilling Seahorse Design

Ages: 10+

Time: 60 minutes




Step 1:

Select a piece of colored construction paper and grab a sheet of white copy paper. Print out the template and cut out the pattern pieces.  Trace and cut out the body part from the colored construction paper and trace and cut out the rest of the pieces from white copy paper.

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 1 -


Step 2:

Select different colored quilling strips and create loose coils and triangle shapes with them. We created 10 triangles and 17 circles.

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 2 -

Step 3:

Take the eye cut-out and use a black sharpie to fill in the eye.

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 3 -

Step 4:

Take the quilled triangle shapes and attach them along the spiked edges of the seahorse pattern.

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 4 -

Step 5:

Take the leaf-shaped cut-out and fill it with the quilled circles. We attached 2 quilled triangle shapes on each corner to make the circles fit better in the space. 

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 5 -

Step 6:

Keep adding the quilled circles until the leaf-shaped cut-out is filled in completely.

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 6 -

Step 7:

Attach the leaf-shaped piece on the main body pattern of the seahorse as the belly.  If you’d like to add more details, go for it!

Quilling Seahorse Craft - Step 7 -


You’re Quilling Seahorse is Complete!

Simple Paper Quilling Seahorse Craft for Tweens and Teens -

Show Us Your Quilling Seahorse Craft!

Did you try making your own quilled seahorse craft? Show us! Snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @ThatKidsCraftSite. We can’t wait to celebrate your creativity!


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