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Princess Belle Perler Bead Pattern

With this easy-to-complete beaded activity, you will learn to make an adorable princess Belle Perler Bead pattern craft!

Princess Belle Perler Beads Pattern

Princess Belle Perler Bead Pattern Craft

Princess Belle has always been one of our favorite princesses. From her yellow poofy dress to her pretty bun, we have always found her gorgeous inside and out!

If you have read our articles before, you know that we also love crafts! We specifically love Perler beads. They are a fun way to create anything you want! Either as decoration for your house, or creating something out of your creation to use on a daily basis, you can still use them after you have made them! The fun just doesn’t stop with Perler beads!  

We enjoyed making this Belle Perler bead craft to share with all of you! This beaded craft is fun and simple to make, while being appropriate for all ages! You have fun making it, but you also have fun after you’re done! The possibilities are endless!

Belle Perler Beads Pattern

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Make Your Own Princess Belle With A Free Printable

When we created this craft, we knew we had to share it with all of you! With our free, easy-to-follow printable/download, it makes beading a lot more fun and easy!

Simply sign-in to our Freebies Library and download it, print it, and follow the “how to make” section below.

This project is very quick to make! It took us about seven minutes to complete the entire project.

To Create An Adorable Belle Perler Bead Craft You Will Need:

Belle Princess Perler Beads Pattern

How To Create A Perler Bead Princess Belle

Once all of your supplies have been gathered, and you have printed out your easy-to-follow printable, you can start beading!

Follow colors on the grid of the printable with your Perler beads.

You can start from the top, bottom, sides, wherever works best for you! It doesn’t matter where you start! All that matters is that you do you!

If you don’t like or have a color, switch it out to one you do like or have! It doesn’t matter what colors you choose, just as long as you like it! 

Once you have completed placing all of the beads in the correct order, carefully take your piece of wax paper and place it over-top of your design.

Be gentle and careful when doing this because the beads aren’t in place and can move with the slightest touch.

Once your wax paper is fully covering your design, ask an adult to heat the iron to medium heat. Medium heat works best for us, but be sure to do what works best for you.

Free Printable Belle Princess Bead Pattern

Once the iron is heated, ask an adult to gently iron the beads. Place the iron over the wax paper and begin to press down lightly. You don’t want to press too hard because it can melt the beads too much and give an overflowed effect.

Hold the iron there for about 15-20 seconds depending on the heat your iron is producing.

Once your beads are totally melted on that side, take the iron and wax paper off of the beads carefully. It’s okay if your beads aren’t totally melted together, just be sure to melt it again.

If your beads are totally melted on that side, then take your design off of the pegboard and flip it to the unmelted side. Place wax paper over-top of that side and repeat the same steps as before.

Once it is melted and cooled, you can begin to play, create something with it or display it!

What Can You Do With Your Finished Design?

Perler beads create a way to have endless fun even following the production of your design!

You could play with it as a doll, or even create more with different colors to have a whole princess family! We also have an article and printable for a Snow White Perler bead craft, as well as a Cinderella one! You could make both of them and play with them as dolls!

These would be perfect as travel toys/dolls because they are tiny and can fit pretty much anywhere!

Free Belle Princess Bead Pattern

If you don’t want to turn it into a doll, you could turn it into a keychain! To make a keychain, grab a keyring and thread it through one of the top holes of your design.

You could attach it to a backpack, purse, keys, a lanyard, or even use it as a luggage tag! This would be perfect as a luggage tag if you have a suitcase that is a common size and color.

You could also turn it into an ornament. Simply thread a string through one of the top holes and tie the string into a loop.

If you don’t want to do anything to your design, you could simply put it on display!  The possibilities for what to do with this Perler bead craft are endless.

This adorable Princess Belle Perler bead craft is sure to be enjoyed by all!

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