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Perler Bead Duck Pattern

Get ready to make your own duck face with the help of this adorable Perler bead duck pattern!

Duck Perler Bead Pattern -

Duck Perler Beads

One of my favorite animals are ducks. I have absolutely no idea why, but I think baby ducks are one of the cutest things on Earth. So, when we were making a duck out of beads, it obviously turned into a baby duck face.

This easy Perler bead pattern is great for kids who are just starting off making their own bead creations. It uses a few different colors, but the pattern itself is easy to follow.

Ironing should definitely be done by a responsible adult, but the pattern itself can be made by little creators.

This article contains affiliate links to the items that will help you make the craft.

Free Duck Perler Bead Pattern - an Easy Perler Bead Pattern for Kids -

How to Make a Perler Bead Duck Pattern

When you go to make this adorable duckling, you’ll need the following supplies:

Duck Perler Bead Pattern - Free Printable Bead Pattern! -

We used a 15×15 square pegboard for this pattern, but the pattern measures seven beads wide by eight beads high, so any board with that space available would work just fine.

A Note About Using Tweezers

As always, we used tweezers, because it makes working with the beads so. much. easier.

We used to attempt to make the patterns without using tweezers and would get frustrated when we’d accidentally knocked over a bead or our hands slipped and the design got ruined. Tweezers were a game-changer.

If your child is just starting with bead creations – or even if they have been doing it for a while – spend a few dollars to get a pair of tweezers and they’ll love making the patterns so much more.

These are the tweezers we use and they work great:

Duck Perler Bead Pattern for Kids - an Easy Perler Bead Pattern -

Easy Perler Bead Pattern: Duck Face

Once you finish your duck face pattern, slip a thin piece of string through the top and make it into a Christmas ornament!

You can also place a piece of magnetic strip on the back and turn it into a magnetic for your refrigerator or school locker.

No matter how you use it, it’s sure to be the most popular duck face around!

Get the Duck Perler Bead Pattern Here!

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