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10+ Easy Kite Crafts for Kids

Up, up, and away! These easy kite crafts for kids are the perfect way to welcome in the breezy spring weather!

10 Easy Kite Crafts for Kids -
We have had a very blustery winter and the spring promises to be just as breezy. While we’re pretty much over chasing the trashcans down the street, we are super excited about making kite crafts this spring.

They’re the perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather and gusty days!

These easy kite crafts for preschoolers and up can be used while teaching the letter K, when learning about wind, or even when talking about Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity. The sky is, quite literally, the limit when it comes to kite crafts!

Here are some of our favorite kite crafts for kids!

Kite Crafts for Kids

This preschool kite craft comes with its very own printable template. That makes it ideal for little learners who are just learning about shapes, colors, and the letter K! – via That Kids Craft Site

Learning the letter K? This alphabet kite craft is perfect for expanding your preschooler’s learning fun!  – via Kids Activities Blog

10 Easy Kite Crafts for Kids - DIY Crafts Kids Can Make -

Tame those whispy hairs with your very own DIY Kite Headband! The printable template is included! – via That Kids Craft Site

Break out the cupcake liners, because these adorable and easy kites are made from things you already have on hand! – via I Heart Crafty Things

These kites are beautiful, but they’re not super easy. Little ones will need some help while older siblings will relish the chance to be independent in making their own kite craft! – via Red Ted Art

We love this recycled newspaper kite craft! It’s a little bit DIY and a whole lot of creativity! – via Buggy and Buddy

There’s nothing better than not needing to buy a lot of supplies to make a craft and this kite craft makes use of the things you already have on hand. No dowels? No worries! Grab some sticks instead! – via Happiness Is Homemade

10 Easy Kite Crafts for Kids - Crafts Kids Can Make -

These mini-kites make use of all of those leftover birthday party decorative straws you have hiding out in your kitchen drawers! – via One Creative Mommy

This kite also uses straws, but it’s a tetrahedral kite that even older kids will love to make! – via Kids Activities Blog

Spending the weekend at the beach? Pick up some driftwood to make this driftwood kite! – via Hello Wonderful

These paper kites will require some sewing and adult helpers, but they’re a fun and creative preschool craft nonetheless! – via Grey House Harbor

Show Us Your Kite Crafts!

Which kite crafts will you make with your kids? We’d love to see how they turn out! Tag us on Instagram @ThatKidsCraftSite and let us see your creations! We can’t wait to celebrate your creativity!

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