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Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids

Get ready to decorate your holiday doors with these fun Christmas wreath crafts for kids!

Christmas Wreaths for Kids

Fun Wreath Crafts for Christmas

I am all for screen free family activities – especially during the holidays.

Don’t get me wrong, watching Christmas movies with a big bowl of popcorn is always a treat; sometimes, it’s fun to turn the TV off and connect in other ways.

You may not think about Christmas wreaths being fun for that, but these kids’ crafts prove you wrong!

They come in all levels of difficulty and are perfect for preschoolers through teens. While the materials may change, the shape of the wreath never does.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas wreath that’s a bit more complicated and involved (may we suggest the puzzle piece wreath!) or something simple like the chenille stick wreath, there is something for everyone.

When to Use Christmas Wreath Crafts

These wreath crafts can be used at home when you’re homeschooling through the holidays or if you just want to do a fun holiday project with your kids.

They can also be used in the classroom if you are looking for a gift for students to give their families for the holidays.

We have actually used some of these wreath crafts with the assisted living/nursing home residents that we worked with in the past. They are fun crafts that everyone can enjoy!

Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids

What You Need to Make the Christmas Wreath Crafts

These Christmas wreaths use a lot of different materials. Some are more nature-oriented and use natural elements. Others are more basic and made with common crafting supplies that you might have around the house already.

We suggest that you read through the supplies and materials lists of the wreath craft that you’re going to do before you start working on it. There’s nothing worse than getting started on a project only to realize that you don’t have all of the supplies you need to finish it!

Having a good pair of scissors, some glue or glue sticks, and coloring utensils (markers, paints, crayons, colored pencils, etc.) on hand is always a good idea though.

Wonderful Wreath Crafts for Christmas

Christmas Wreath Craft Ideas for Kids

Decorate your doors with these super cute and fun Christmas wreath craft ideas for kids!

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