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Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers

Get ready for some chilly fun with these easy Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers! They’re perfect for those cold, wintery months and for learning more about penguins!


Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers -

Preschool Penguin Crafts

This winter we were obsessed with all things penguin! From this handprint penguin craft (it’s seriously adorable!) to penguin brownies (yummy!), there wasn’t a penguin craft or activity that we tried that we didn’t love.

So, we gathered up some of our favorite penguin crafts for preschoolers to share with you. There are lots of different materials used to make them, so whether you’re looking for a paper plate penguin craft or a penguin puppet, there’s something for everyone!


Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers

Penguin Handprint Craft for Preschoolers

Here’s our super simple penguin handprint craft for preschoolers. It just takes a few supplies and before you know it your penguin will be ready to display!

Penguin Heart Craft for Kids

We made this penguin craft when my daughter was little. She had a heart obsession, so we made the penguins out of hearts. Aren’t they adorable?!?

Egg Carton Penguin Craft

This egg carton penguin craft is super easy and affordable to create. I love being able to use recyclables in my projects because it teaches my kids to think creatively and to use items over and over before discarding them.

Handprint Penguin Craft

Turn your child’s handprints into penguin feet in this adorable penguin craft.

Penguin Handprint Craft

How to Make a Penguin Hand Print Craft

This craft is a parents treasure as it freezes the child’s handprint in time!

Pom Pom Penguin

Make this cute little fuzzy pom pom penguin pet craft with just a few items.

Cotton Ball Penguin Kid Craft

Download the printable and glue some cotton balls on the penguin’s belly following the directions on the paper.

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Make these cute paper roll penguin crafts with your preschoolers using leftover toilet paper tubes!

Waddling Penguin

This adorable waddling penguin craft for kids is both fun to make AND fun to play with.

20+ Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers -
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More Easy Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers

Paper Cup Penguin Craft

Then, make these DIY Paper cup penguins turned party poppers for some indoor winter fun!

Round Penguin Craft

If you’ve got a Styrofoam ball rolling around and want to make something out of it this round penguin craft can be just the thing!

Penguin Ornaments

These penguins are so cute you’re going to want to craft a whole colony of these cheeky black and white characters with your kids.

Marble Painted Penguin

This toddler and preschool penguin craft involves a process art activity that uses marbles to paint the body. Once it’s dry, add the details and hang on the wall.

Clear Ornament Penguin

Make this adorable penguin ornament craft for the holidays or any time of year.

DIY Yarn Penguin

These crafts are easy to make and so adorable! Your kids will love to help you, so help them make their own penguin to add to the family!

P is for Penguin

Share rhymes and songs that go with the letter of the week while you create the letter P for penguin!

Penguin Painting

The great thing about this activity is that each penguin painting will look totally unique.

Cardboard Tube Penguin

Have a lot of toilet paper rolls hanging around? We’ll turn them into cardboard tube penguins so cute you’ll want to make a whole colony!

Cute Penguin

Make this adorable penguin craft using items in your craft closet!

Cozy Penguin Printable Craft

Here’s a cute printable penguin craft that can be painted and colored!

Recycled Penguin Craft

Make these adorable penguin crafts using recycled yogurt containers.

Construction Paper Penguins

This easy and fun penguin craft uses torn construction paper pieces and glue and google eyes. A great project for preschoolers!



Show Us Your Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers!

Did you make one of the penguin crafts above? Show us! Snap a picture and tag us on Instagram @ThatKidsCraftSite! We can’t wait to celebrate your creativity!


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