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Letter N Crafts

These alphabet crafts are perfect for all of your preschool and kindergarten aged kids that are learning the letter N! Follow easy step by step instructions to create beautiful crafts while also introducing a new letter!

Letter N Crafts

Make Learning Exciting

There is nothing better than seeing the gleam on a child’s face when they are excited to learn something new! Allow these crafts to help spark that joy in your next alphabet lesson!

The list of crafts below is targeted to lessons about the letter N… I’m sure you figured that out already! Each craft has a link that will direct you to the page where you can find directions and pictures for you and your little one to follow. Each alphabet craft is a great chance to bond and have a great time learning together!

There are 19 different crafts to choose from! Each of your littles is sure to find a project they are excited to complete while they learn about the letter N! There are narwhals, bird nests, nativity scenes, nutcrackers, and so much more to be created!

Letter N Crafts

Items Needed for N Crafts

Here is a list of supplies that are common throughout these letter N crafts! You probably have most of these items on hand already!

Pro tip: be sure to still check and make sure you have everything on hand for the specific project you want to do before getting started! This will avoid the hassle of making a supply run midway through your craft.

Letter N Crafts

Fun Letter N Alphabet Crafts

19 Letter N Crafts for Kids

How many letter N crafts are you going to make today?! Be sure to tag us so we can see your beautiful crafts!

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