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Letter W Crafts for Kids

Learn all about the letter W with wonderful kids’ crafts!

Letter W Crafts for Kids

Have a wild time learning all about the twenty-third letter of the alphabet, W! 

It’s a wacky and whimsical letter that is used in a number of witty words.  

Children can best get acquainted with the letter W through a variety of craft activities. 

Hands-on projects support the letter W identification and sounds, as well as introduce new vocabulary words that have the letter W!

Letter W Crafts for Kids

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Kids Crafts to Learn About the Letter W

Crafting is a wonderful way to learn all there is about the letter W.  In fact, W crafts offer a learning opportunity like no other. 

Children will be able to bring the letter W to life with exciting craft activities that include W words such as whales, wolves, and even whirligigs! 

Letter W crafts are sure to both engage and educate young learners.  Plus, they make for wonderful supplements to letter W lessons. 

Letter W Crafts for Kids

Letter W Craft Supplies

Gathering supplies for letter W crafts is a snap.  Actually, you may already have what you need for your littles to start making letter W projects.  

Below is a short list of some of the more common supplies needed for W crafts. 

However, this list is not complete, so be sure to check out the full materials list for whatever W activities you want to introduce to children.

Letter W Crafts for Kids

Letter W Craft Activities

Check out some of the most wonderful letter W craft activities!  These projects will support learning all about the letter W.  They are great to make both at home and in the classroom.  

Letter W Crafts

Letter W Crafts for Kids

Crafting with the Letter W

Welcome the letter W into your next lesson plan or activity hour.  Crafting that focuses on the letter W can supplement many types of learning, from alphabet exploration to new vocabulary words.

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