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Pirate Crafts for Kids

Argh, matey! In need of pirate crafts for kids are you? Well, ye’ve come to the right place! 

Pirate Crafts for Kids

Pirate Craft Ideas

There is just something about those silly pirates that we all love. Kids love pretending they are pirates as they play. Taking over ships and sword fighting usually comes with the pirate territory and what child wouldn’t love to do that!

You can use them for a variety of different seasons, to go along with storybooks, as an inspiration for pretend play, or they can even be used as a great learning activity. They’re also perfect for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th!

To go along with their adventures in play, having kids create some fun pirate crafts will make the perfect way to add some extra fun into the day. These pirate crafts for kids are a great way to encourage learning and creative play!

Pirate Crafts for Kids

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Awesome Pirate Supplies Your Kids Might Love While Creating Their Pirate Crafts

Pirate Costumes

Why not dress up like a pirate while making your pirate crafts? Pretend play is a powerful tool to teach children – especially preschoolers – so go all out and dress up like a pirate! It will be the most memorable day of crafting they have ever had!

Pirate Toys

Extend the pirate fun to some toys and learning activities. Whether you’re digging for treasure or building a pirate ship, there are tons of fun ways to keep the pirate party going!

Pirate Snacks

Every little pirate needs refreshments! Have some pirate snacks ready for when the kids are done making their favorite pirate crafts!

Books About Pirates

And last, but certainly not least, round out the pirate themed day with some books about pirates! These fun read-aloud picture books are a great way to keep children engaged and excited to learn. They’re also a fun way to wind down at the end of the day.

Pirate Crafts for Kids

The Best Pirate Crafts for Kids

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