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Superhero Bookmarks

Get ready to save the day with these origami Superhero Bookmarks!

Corner Superhero Bookmarks

We love reading here at our house! From fiction to biographies to history, there’s not a genre that we haven’t read. But the best part of all of that reading? We have discovered some amazing heroes in history.

For your hero-loving book-lover, we created the perfect blend of nerdy meets superhero with these origami corner bookmarks featuring superhero logos.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love Superman and Batman, so that’s what we went with when designing these free bookmark templates.

All you’ll need are a few simple supplies and the free printable superhero bookmark template to make your own. 

These superheroes won’t let you down – they’ll always watch your pages for you!


Superhero Bookmark Template

One of the great things about these bookmarks is that you don’t need any fancy materials or supplies. The template is the fanciest thing and you can print that out below. 

There are two versions of the template – one that’s in full color and one that is ready to color in with your own design. Both pages are in the printable PDF file, so just print out the page that works best for you.

You’ll just need to gather the following supplies:

  • the Superhero Bookmark Template → Get it HERE
  • craft paper
  • origami paper
  • scissors
  • glue (we used a glue stick)
  • pencil or pen

Inexpensive kids’ crafts? Yes, please! They’re our favorite to make and share!


How to Make an Origami Superhero Bookmark

After you have gathered all of your supplies and printed out the template, follow the directions below to make your own origami bookmark. You can print the directions out and work offline if you prefer to do that as well.


Yield: 2 Bookmarks

Origami Superhero Bookmarks

Superhero Bookmarks

Make adorable origami bookmarks with this free printable superhero bookmarks template for kids and adults!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost Less than $5



    1. To make the origami bookmark, first, choose your origami paper.
      To make the Batman bookmark, take a grey origami craft paper. Place it diagonally.
    2. Take the top point of the origami paper and bring it downwards to the opposite point and fold it in the middle. This will create a triangular shape.
    3. Now fold the triangle in half and then open the fold. This will create a straight crease line.
    4. Now take the top part of the bottom point and bring it upwards.
      Take the bottom point towards the middle of the base of the triangle and fold it there.
    5. Take the right corner of the triangle and bring it towards the bottom point. And fold it there.
    6. Similarly, take the left corner and bring it downwards to the bottom point and fold it there.
    7. Take both points and tuck it into the upper flap.
    8. Now use the templates to cut out the Batman logo.
    9. Glue the small oval-shaped yellow piece on the middle of the black oval piece.
    10. Then take the bat and glue it over the middle of the yellow oval shape.
    11. Finish it off by gluing the logo on to the bookmark.
    12. Repeat the process for the Superman bookmark.

Download the Superhero Bookmarks Template → Click HERE 


How to Use the Superhero Bookmarks

It may seem obvious that you would use your origami corner bookmarks to keep track of the page where you stopped reading your book, but there are also a lot of other uses for this handy superhero page marker.

You can use it to:

  • Hold together sheet music while you’re playing an instrument
  • Mark a recipe in your favorite cookbook
  • Use it to mark the page in your schedule book, homework book, or day planner.
  • Put on papers you turn back to your students to show them what “super students” they are

There’s no end to the way you can use these bookmarks in your classroom or at home! 




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