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The Best Sewing Projects for Kids

Break out the needle and thread and try these fun sewing projects for kids!

The Best Sewing Projects for Kids

Fun Sewing Projects for Children

Teaching kids to sew has many benefits. Not only are you teaching them an important life skill, but they will also be learning patience, which is one of the most important things children need to learn.

When you are first starting out with teaching kids to sew, you will want to look for tutorials and patterns for sewing projects that are easy to follow and make.

With many of these, you only need minimal sewing skills to create the projects. Kids will love creating these fun sewing projects. From keyrings to pillows, these easy to make sewing projects will be a hit both boys and girls!

Sewing Projects for Kids

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Sewing Supplies Needed

When my kids were just starting to learn to sew we kept a little plastic tub filled with the things they would need.

There were:

You can obviously include whatever you already have on hand or whatever you think will work best for your child.

Sewing Projects for Kids

We also had a hardy supply of:

  • felt
  • cotton fabric
  • fabric remnants
  • ribbon
  • buttons

I found that felt was often the material of choice for us, because it was a bit more sturdy than regular cotton fabric. Felt, however, is difficult to cut, so be sure to help your children when they’re cutting out felt patterns or shapes.

Once you have everything gathered, it’s time to start creating your sewing masterpiece!

Super Sewing Crafts for Kids

Fun Kids’ Sewing Projects

What are some of your favorite sewing projects for kids? Share them with us below!

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